Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SCAM, FRAUD OR A GENUINE GUY!!!????? Marco Robinson has achieved the results and tells you how you must Get into the right STATE Today! by Marco Robinson, #1 Bestselling Author

Get into the right STATE!

Get into the right STATE today or you will never create MORE sales!

Make sure you mind is focused on making sales NOT losing sales. Make sure your mind is focused on SERVING the customer and giving outstanding value by finding out what they really need.
If you are focusing on your problems and the negative things that are frustrating you (which almost everybody does) you are sabotaging your sales and distracted by crap that you cannot solve when you are talking to your client. You can only solve them when you start serving your clients and close them on their need!
Getting into the correct mental state means you have to be in the right emotional and physical state.
Change your posture, throw your chest forward and walk with a purpose to serve your client with confidence, mentally rehearse your clients asking you buying questions and listen like you are trying to locate the wings of a humming bird sucking the nectar out of a beautiful flower!
Mentally rehearse shaking hands with your client and your client happily paying for your product or service. When you focus on this mental picture and video you will create a buying opportunity for your client. I can tell you before I speak in front of thousands of people I always mentally rehearse an overwhelming positive response from my prospects BEFORE I EVEN MEET THEM, which has made me one of the world’s best closers. You can EASILY do the same!

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