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Marco Robinson Scam or Fraud or Legit? Find out now as he shares with you how easy it is to calculate how to leave your job in less than 90 days!

How many properties do you need to buy to leave your job, let’s make some SHOCKING calculations

How many properties do you need to buy to leave your job, let’s make some SHOCKING calculations

Let’s take an average global salary of USD$ 2,000. This would of course be a gross salary, so if we remove tax, pension contributions and so on…we can roughly estimate that you are going to take home USD$ 1,300.
Now you have to figure out how much you can borrow to buy a house. Well if your salary is USD$ 24,000 gross, you can borrow around USD$ 100,000 ON AVERAGE of course, as I am taking a very global figure here.
Now the question is what can you buy for $100,000?
Well if you live in the UK, you are looking at buying a very small house indeed, with maybe two bedrooms, that you can rent out for maybe USD$ 600 if you are lucky and if it is well renovated. bear in mind tenants LOVE new, fresh, partly furnished places to live.
Now if the mortgage rate is 4% over 25 years, you’re gonna be paying around USD$ 450 a month giving you a positive cashflow of ONLY;
USD$ 150 per month!
Therefore you would need to buy 9 of these houses and find somewhere to LIVE before you would be able to leave your job! and the banks are not going to lend you 38 times your annual income for you to be able to raise the money to buy the properties you need to retire and replace your salary with!
If you live in Asia, and I take Singapore as an example, you are not going to able to buy anything for USD$ 100,000, you would have to spend at least $300,000 on a government assisted housing program called “HDB” where you would be able to buy a 3 bed very, very small unit, we are talking 500sq. feet.
Your rental would be around USD$ 1,500 again if you are lucky, if it’s well renovated, next to good transport links and there is a HIGH rental demand (and please consider rental demands differ through different macro (global trends) economic cycles and micro (local economy) economic cycles.
Once you have this rent of course you have to pay back the mortgage payments, which will just be a little less than your rent, you might get USD$ 200 positive cashflow, and you only get that because the mortgage rates in Singapore are the lowest in world at 1.2% currently!
So you would have to buy just over 4 of these properties to be able to leave your job!
Again, the bank will not lend you that kind of money because your salary is too low, and the government will not let you buy more than one HDB, due to cooling measures and government policy!
Secondly you are not allowed to remortgage HDB’s to take advantage of any gain, making them useless in terms of leverage!
So, can anyone see how the system is geared to keep you in work at the moment? and for the rest of your life!!!
The real BURNING question now is how the hell you can invest NOW and create enough residual income to leave your job????
Well, you most certainly have to follow a path which is not conventional wisdom. Conventional Wisdom in property investment says you must only buy properties that you live within 10 minutes of, because that is perceived to be safe as you can control the tenant.
Now, IF we all followed the rules and conventional wisdom, we would all be poor, and the statistics globally say the same story….97% of the world’s population retire BROKE!
However there is a WAY, and there are SEVERAL WAYS to GUARANTEE yourself financial freedom before the end of this year.
And to be frank there is only one country you can buy property in where you can get enough cash yield to replace your salary, and that is the good old USA! And I can tell you definitively, that the USA property opportunity is so immensely strong that the last time it happened was 80 years ago!
So now let’s make some USA calculations;
First of all you can buy TWO properties in the USA for USD$ 100,000 and you can HAVE FOUR TENANTS in those two properties, because these two properties are duplexes, meaning you have two units in one house, on above, one below, paying you USD$ 500 each!!!!!!!
This means your FOUR tenants are paying you USD$ 2,000 per month!!!!!!!!!
This is a OVER a 20% GROSS YIELD, because these properties 200% below market value, in 2007, they three times more expensive, but because of the sub-prime crisis, and US economic meltdown and the retirement the baby boomers, THE properties are now magically low in price and they have a WAITING LIST for tenants, because the US is now a rental market!
Of course the conventional minded of the readers would be thinking the USA is too far away to manage, and WILL NEVER TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY, because their mindset is limited from a conventional school education that never advocated the good investment of money.
The STRONG MINDED entrepreneurs think very differently because NOW it is possible to buy those properties in the USA with the tenant already in the property, the property is fully renovated and managed and the rent is banked into your account anywhere in the world!
So let’s recap that salary, borrowing cost and income to leave your job within 28 DAYS OR SOONER!!!
Salary = $1,300 (NET)
Borrowing cost for $100,000 = $450 p.month (based on 4% over 25 years)
Gross property income per month = $ 2,000
$2,000 – $450 =
$ 1,550 per month
MINUS management costs and tax, etc and incidentals =
$ 1,300 PER MONTH GENUINE CASHFLOW, free of all costs and tied to a capital gain investment that will only grow!
If you want to discover more, and how you can achieve this….please visit my website at
Yours Truly,
Marco Robinson

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