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About These Two Day Property Boot Camps Do they Really Live Up To The Hype & is the speaker, Marco Robinson scam, fraud OR completely genuine in Malaysia? Find out for yourself as his students tell you for themselves!

Do These Two Day Property Boot Camps Really Live Up To The Hype & is the speaker, Marco Robinson scam, fraud OR completely genuine? Find out for yourself as his students tell you for themselves!

Do These Two Day Property Boot Camps Really Live Up To The Hype?
By Robert D Hamilton
Watch how this student fired her boss one year after attending the boot camp and now has FOUR properties How to Fire Your Boss
I could climb into Marco’s mind-I’ve known him long enough-and reveal some of his inner most thoughts. I’m not sure exactly what I would find of course-but I do know of one surety that I would see glowing inside-and that is his purpose, ‘Creating Wealth for Everyone’.
I would be able to describe to you, in minute detail, the passion and commitment he has for all his students to succeed and achieve financial freedom. But here is my problem if I do that: I’ve known him too long and you would think I am being biased. And you would be right. Why? Because I have seen with my own eyes how he has already helped thousands of people succeed-not just in property investments but in many other areas of life too.
So to save you that biased opinion, I’ve left it to his students to tell you. Then you can decide for yourself, which I am sure you would all agree, is better, right?
Incidentally, all of these written testimonials are locked safely away in our fire-proof vault. But they can be viewed upon request with our compliments.
How These Savvy Students Are Achieving Financial Freedom
“I still learn new things from attending my second boot camp! Marco’s topic covering mindset was very good it not only helps people in their property investments, it helps them to succeed in life too”  Tee Yew Kin
“Great experience…the boot camp helped me realise the many ways I can get finance-so as to achieve my property goals sooner” Ang Poh Bucy (Shirley)
“Great learning experience! Changed my paradigm and opened my mind to opportunities I am not aware of. One of the most important things I learned was how to pay LESS tax.” Goh Liang Zhen
“Over the past two days I learned how to refinance my Singapore properties….and leverage from my bank. I’m more than satisfied” Yok Lian
“The various financial strategies to raise funds for investments was great, I’m looking forward to networking within the Life time Investors Club so I can realise my goal of financial freedom” Gan Tai Kwee
“The boot camp was very good. Marco is generous and sincere in sharing his property knowledge and experience. My best learning was maximizing borrowing power”. The boot camp has taught me to think unconventionally” Li Rong Rong
“…the best part for me is the mentoring especially about how we can raise finance and that we have to move out of our comfort zone…” Goh Kok Eng (Jared)
“The three most powerful things I learned were 1) Trustee and power of attorney’s 2) Remortgage your property 3) Investing in cash flow properties…very useful presentation by Marco” Arasi
“The boot camp taught me ideas of how to invest in the right properties at the right time to become financially free” Lenny Tan Boon Kim
“It was my first time….it was an eye opener for me. I am 50 plus but learnt that it is still possible to get a loan (to buy properties)” Dinesh M Konnur
“Very useful, practical, REFRSHING and very intensive” Khaw Bo Jian
So there you have it. All these movers and shakers can’t be wrong.
Oh, and if I did climb into Marco’s thoughts, I also know that he would like to thank all his students from the heart for their kind words. I know he finds it extremely humbling and he receives immense satisfaction from them. You are helping him live his life on purpose andwith purpose.
Robert D Hamilton
PS You can view many other real life testimonials when you click the link above!

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