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Is Marco Robinson Legit? is he a scam or fraud? His returns for his students have so been so good, people that not been to his seminars are sceptical, however when you get to know him, you realise this man is genuine and delivers!

Property Millionaire Blog

Property Millionaire Blog

 Even the great Harry Dent is predicting another crisis in real estate next year, especially Australia!
He is also advising to NOW BUY ASSETS IN US Dollars, especially BMV US property in US dollars…
“There has never been a better time in the last 100 years to buy US property, affordability levels are at all time highs, the US dollar is at record lows. The people who are positioned to buy US properties NOW will be the new rich in the coming years…” Harry Dent.
China will be affected BUT NOT properties in high growth demographic areas and low end appartments.
Warren Buffet said only last week “The best time to buy property is when there is blood running in the streets, and now the blood is pouring”
Never has there been a more affordable time to buy US property EVER!…grab it before everybody else does!
The Australian (National Newspaper) via AAP broke the following story on Sunday September 11th:
AUSTRALIA’S love affair with property is about to turn sour as an “economic tsunami” looks set to hit world markets, American economic forecaster Harry Dent says.
Mr Dent, who arrived in Australia today, predicts the world will experience a second, deeper downturn, which will arrive between the beginning and the middle of next year.
Starting in Europe, the downturn will spread to the US, China and eventually Australia, he said.
“Australia is probably the best place in the world to survive this, but we do think Australia will not escape as well as it did from the last crisis (in 2008),” Mr Dent said.
Please read the full article here;
At the centre of the coming debt crisis is real estate, the forecaster says. 
Who Is Harry Dent?
Since 1989 Harry Dent has been accurately forecasting major economic events around the world. 
He predicted the 2008 Global Financial Crisis at least 10 years before it occurred and he is now
regarded by many as the world’s most accurate economic forecaster.
He is the New York Times bestselling author of seven books including;
•    The Great Depression Ahead (2009)
•    The Next Great Bubble Boom (2006)
•    The Roaring 2000s Investor (1999)
•    The Roaring 2000s (1998)
•    The Great Jobs Ahead (1995)
•    The Great Boom Ahead (1993)
•    Our Power to Predict (1989)
Harry Dent is a regular commentator on Fox Business News, He has appeared on “Good Morning America”,
PBS, CNBC, CNN/FN, and has been featured in Barron’s, Investor’s Business Daily, Entrepreneur, Fortune,
Success, US News and World Report, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, American Demographics and Omni.

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