Thursday, September 30, 2010

Max Generation's response to one misleading anonymous article

To my readers, supporters and esteemed colleagues,

I have been asked recently to respond to a recent allegation that Max generation is a scam company. I don't know where this allegation comes from as there is no name attached to the blog that was written in September 2009.

However I do believe in complete transparency and I believe in defending your reputation when you have worked so hard to build it.

To the person writing "Max Generation Scam" and "Revelation Reward Scam", I do not know your motivation for doing this, all I can say is what you have written is completely inaccurate.

For people's ease of reference, if you click this link, you can see the allegation:

In this anonymous article, you will see a reference to another blog string;

88db removed this string at my request, because it was damaging to their reputation, as it was pure libel and lies. Any allegation of this nature has to be substantiated with proof and any person of an intelligent nature would know that ONE anonymous allegation is motivated by a number of reasons, for example, they could be a competing company, they could be jealous of other people's success, or it could be a genuine complaint.

Genuine complaints that have merit are substantiated with proof, names, and normally if it is a serious complaint, many other people complaining about the same thing. In this case there is only one author, and no responses.

CLARIFICATION on the allegation that Max Generation is a scam company and only allows people of 35 years old, subjects them to a 90 minute timeshare presentation, and squeezes them in dirty resorts.

Max Generation and Revelation Rewards do NOT have such terms and conditions. 

To prove this, you can go to and view all the terms and conditions yourself for each of loyalty and vacation programs.

People of any age can use our vacation vouchers, there are no conditions such as a 90 minute timeshare presentation placed on any of our vouchers anywhere.

Max Generation's clients such as Citibank; BMW, Senheng, RHB BANK, BSN Bank, the list goes on and on would not spend millions of dollars with Max Generation unless they knew for sure that we could fulfill their customers vacation bookings and I am very proud to say we have fulfilled over 100,000 vacation bookings in our history.

We even buy our properties in resorts and hotels. This is the website for our latest purchase in Bali;

This is a beautiful 4 star resort and one of 100,000 resorts and hotels our clients can CHOOSE from.

It is true as a Grand Master Agent you can buy one of our Ultimate Edition Voucher programs (which can be seen at under "products" for only RM 55 and you can sell it for RM 599 retail.

We offer this as a business opportunity for entrepreneurs to build a sustainable growing business. The value of this voucher is worth far more than RM 599 and contains three vacations and many more benefits. We guarantee three star accommodation in this voucher. If people want to upgrade to 4 star and 5 star they can do it by paying just a little extra, from only RM 30 per night.

How do we do this? We do it because we leverage the spare capacity in hotels all over the world. You would probably guess no hotel is full all year round, they always have spare rooms they cannot fill and hotels would like to sell these rooms.

We buy those rooms at a very cheap rate and sometimes get offered them for free, because we can guarantee to the hotel we can fill it and that the guest will probably spend money on food and beverage in the hotel and when they have a good experience, they will recommend their friends to go to that hotel for their vacation!

The guest does not have to spend money in any of the restaurants, it is their choice, but you might be interested to know that hotels make most of their profit on food and beverage and not the rooms!

We have over 30 years of management experience in doing this and you can see some of our case studies in what we have done for our clients over the years at our website

You can even follow what people are saying about us on facebook, we are NOT HIDING, we invite all our customers to post their experiences, some have even posted videos of their experience. You can follow us here;!/pages/Revelation-Rewards/136328586389263?ref=ts
This transparency gives total confidence to all our clients in choosing Max Generation to help them increase their sales, which we do on a regular basis. The normal increase in sales achieved from using our vacation incentive is at least can read more about that at and even download white papers on evidence based information on the validity and power of a vacation incentive.

As a human being I just wanted to set the record straight, wouldn't you?

And believing in COMPLETE transparency, my name is;

Marco Robinson

Telephone number: 014 6622 347