Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marco Robinson's Multi-Millionaire Mentor

Me and my Multi-Millionaire Mentor Paul Counsel. This is the MAN that shifted my mind into the fastest growth I had ever experienced with wealth and happiness. Through his blueprint I learned to take control of my life, stop being the victim and do what I love to do without regret and without guilt. Through him I built courage and belief in myself, having no money in my bank account, barely enough cash to feed my family for a month, I took the bold step of starting a business 8 years ago with a laptop. 12 months later I was a millionaire. I took that business to 5
s and became a multi-millionaire, I invested in 27 properties in 2009, 35 in 2010, wrote a number ONE bestselling book, and started my own wealth creation organisation to help other people like me SUCCEED, people like me with no education and no hope. I am proud to say with the help of my closest friends I was able to take this organisation worldwide this year and deeply honoured to have my mentor Paul on board as one of the team. Life is really incredible, how everything develops from one choice and that choice for me was to NEVER EVER have a boss again and be FINANCIALLY FREE! welcome to the WEALTH REVOLUTION!