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The Treasure House Within

Don’t Let Others’ Beliefs Sabotage YOURS
The young man was excited. He had recently read a life-changing book on creating wealth called, “The Treasure House Within” and after eight or nine years of just getting by financially, he was excited; he had found his Aladdin’s lamp to riches.
The following week he attended a wealth seminar and duly signed up for the program, along with other participants. In the elation of the promised rewards financial freedom brings, a negative, “poor thinking” man had also signed up for the program. But shortly after the excitement had died down in his mind, he reverted back to his old thinking habits; habits of lack. And that wealth was most certainly not for ‘people like him’. He proceeded to tell the much enthused friend, who was still clutching his cherished book, his reasons for backing out too.
“You have to listen to me young man. I know what I’m talking about and guys like us just don’t make it rich” he stated with older assurance. He went on, “I just don’t believe you can make that much money as what they are saying. I’ve seen many young people like you try and fail in my lifetime I can tell you”
The younger man began to doubt his decision that he had done the right thing. And the negative man continued with his doubts and watered the seeds of doubt that were now firmly planted in the young man’s mind.
“I think you must be right” stated the young man, “I saw my Dad trying to get rich all his life and he never made it”
They both proceeded back to the seminar and cancelled their agreement. Their minds had won the battle, which was to keep them in the same financial state they had always been in. It is what the mind likes to do; keep you as you are now. And before you grow negative people will always try and prevent you from changing. They don’t want to be left on their own so happily convince others that they are right.
They exchanged email addresses and said they would keep in touch. But they drifted apart after the first 3 or 4 emails, the content of which was filled with justifications of their earlier decision to cancel their route to finding financial freedom. Another trick our minds play on us.
3 years later and as chance would have it (But we all know coincidences are not really coincidences at all but happen for a reason) the young and older men bumped into each other in the City center. The older man was dressed in an Armani suit and was looking freshly tanned and at least ten years younger than the younger man had remembered him.
“Wow, did you win the lottery?” inquired the young man, slightly envious of his attire and sparkling watch he caught glimpse of.
“No not at all” answered the older man, rather smugly. “About 2 years ago I decided to finally give that financial workshop a try. And you know what? It actually worked. I’m almost financially free, own a beautiful house and brand new Mercedes!” he stated proudly and of course, happily. He then spent the next two minutes informing him how the wealth seminar had changed him and how he was being mentored by other like-minded people.
“But what happened?” the younger man asked astonished, “I thought you said that wealth was not for people like us? You said that…”
The older man interrupted him politely gesturing him to be quiet, “Yes that was my old thinking patterns, but I changed the tapes in my head and replaced them with new, wealth conscious thinking. And I suggest you do the same!”
The young man was totally dejected and his chin fell to the floor. “Don’t be down hearted with me, you will cut off your own wealth supply by doing that!” The older man said this with more conviction than the last time they had their face to face discussion.
“Listen, after wrongly convincing you the wealth seminar was not for you, which I must apologize for, the best thing I can do is give you this book to read that I got on the first day of the seminar” and he handed a paper bag over to the younger man. ‘I really have to go now or I will miss my flight to Bali. Make sure you read it” his voice trailed off as he strutted away to his new car.
The young man, totally shell-shocked, opened the bag and took out the book. With tears knocking on the back doors of his eyes due to deep regret he had backed out on the advice of someone who was not financially free at the time, he read the title out loud to himself with utter disbelief;
“The Treasure House Within”
Written by Robert D. Hamiltion
Bestselling Author of “Ignite the Spark and Explode Your Results”
With kind permission from Marco Robinson.

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